woman wearing a luxury bandeau top and high rise bottoms from Koraru luxury sustainable swimwear brand
Whether taking a dip in the ocean, or spending a sun-filled afternoon lounging next to a pool, getting dressed in your favourite swimwear should always be a joyful and liberating experience. 

As well as investing in a timeless, confidence-enhancing style and reaching for pieces made with the planet’s welfare in mind, getting the right fit is an essential part of finding a bikini to fall in love with. When a swimsuit feels comfortable and works with your body, you’re guaranteed to enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

From strap length to brief coverage, here are a few tips to make sure your next swimsuit is the perfect fit. 



When selecting a swimsuit, considering strap width and placement is a helpful starting point. Wider shoulder straps offer a high level of support, as do double shoulder straps, such as those on the Kumanomi top. String and bandeau styles give lighter support. Make sure the strap length is correct by checking that the band of your bikini isn’t riding up at the back and sides. If it is, make the straps longer. 

kumanomi cup bikini top


If seeking some extra support, choose a cup with an underwire. Check that the wire has been perfectly placed and stitched in well, to ensure it doesn’t poke out and dig in. Light padding will also provide soft support and shape, as will thicker fabrics. Every Kōraru top is created with doubled fabric layers and built-in padding pockets with removable pads. 



Everyone has different areas of their body they feel confident showing, so it’s important to find a swimsuit with coverage that suits you. A high waisted bikini brief, such as the Kumanomi bottom, has a chic, retro look and gives coverage over the hips and midriff. The low-rise Rifu brief has a smaller amount of coverage that’s perfect for tanning. Each Kōraru brief is cut with a medium leg and seat coverage to create a flattering shape that allows freedom of movement.


rifu luxury bikini bottoms


Swimwear styles with adjustable details can easily be altered to achieve a bespoke fit. Think about bikini briefs with tie sides which can be tightened or loosened as your body moves and fluctuates. Adjustable silhouettes are also smart; our Nikko Scrunch Bottoms can be worn high-waist or scrunched down, while the coordinating Nikko Bandeau Top comes with detachable straps – leave off for sun lounging, clip on when swimming. 


Nikko luxury swimsuit from Koraru in mosaic shade


The quickest way to feel uncomfortable on the beach is by wearing swimwear that rubs or digs in. Look for styles with soft seams and edgings that sit flat and keep hardware minimal so that it doesn’t press into the skin. 



Clothes that feel good against your skin are a pleasure to put on and this applies to swimwear, too. Look for styles made from high quality, high-stretch fabric that fits to the curves and contours of your body and moves with you. Kōraru swimsuits are crafted from ECONYL®, a regenerated fabric which is soft to the touch, flexible and retains its shape, meaning pieces won’t bag or sag over time. 



Investing in the right size of bikini is crucial for comfort, however bodies come in all different shapes and what fits well on your top half might be too small or big on the bottom. Look for tops and briefs that are sold separately, rather than in a set, so you can pick exactly the right size in each piece. 



Once you’ve found the swimsuit you love, give it one last check by putting it on and moving around. Walk, stretch, jump, lie down – do every action you would at the beach or pool and notice if it pinches, digs in or moves in places it shouldn’t. If it passes the test, you’ve found a forever piece.