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February 02, 2023

Where can I buy sustainable swimsuits and bikinis? Here are 8 of the best brands for women


Kōraru has a wide selection of swimwear designed to suit lots of different body types as they "aim to boost women's body confidence".

Their one pieces have a few different styles of strap offering good support and coverage. They have bandeau and triangle bikini tops, as well as one-shoulder designs. Their colour palette is inspired by the beach, so there's red, orange, white, beige and blue tones.

Kōraru was started after the founder went on holiday to the Maldives and found that the new swimwear she'd bought started to fall apart after just a week. So all of Kōraru's pieces are made out of high quality materials that are built to last.

I have the Rifu bikini and although I've only worn it a few times, I'm confident it won't go see-through like so much swimwear does. The bottoms tie at the sides but they don't dig in or feel like they'll fall down. It's in the 'etnico' orange colour which goes great with a tan.

On the sustainability front, the swimwear is made from Econyl - nylon made from recycled waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets and industrial plastic.

Koraru have also tried to reduce their packaging as much as possible so that they weigh less for shipping. None of their packaging is plastic so it's all reusable and recyclable. They also attach as few tags as possible to the products.

Sustainable Swimwear Brand Aims to Boost Women’s Self-Confidence and Inspire People across the World to Make More Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Choices

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International swimwear brand, Kōraru, aims to boost women’s self-confidence across the globe by launching a brand that caters to all body shapes.

Ex-model Oana Ponomarenco Romaneiro founded Kōraru after learning what women wanted from a swimwear brand. With her experience modelling for over 10 years for some of the world’s leading fashion brands, Oana shared that she was able to gain the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create an ethical swimwear collection that fits all sizes.

Founder and CEO of Kōraru, Oana Ponomarenco Romaneiro, said: “Kōraru is different from other swimwear brands because of our 360 approach to sustainability. We did not look only at our fabrics but way beyond that. We constructed our entire packaging experience around the folded swimwear, eliminating space and air being shipped daily and wasting resources. All our packaging is fully reusable and recyclable as well. Kōraru donates part of its proceeds to the Coral Alliance, which helps acclimate corals worldwide and supports communities that rely on corals. We are also a seasonless brand, instead focusing on crafting slow fashion for a fast-paced lifestyle. We want consumers to enjoy the beautiful moments they will create wearing our swimwear, not focus on trends.

Our collection of classic designs and our signature Coral Print- is a celebration of the ocean. Comprising bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, we created each style with timeless shapes in mind, and a colour palette inspired by colours found underwater or sandy hues found by the sea, making them an unparalleled fit for life at the beach and holidays that will turn into life-long memories. We created versatile pieces with streamlined silhouettes, highlighting the understated sophistication that makes a Kōraru swimsuit timeless.”

The successful swimwear company plans to keep growing in their new year as they’ve recently appointed the award-winning digital agency, Embryo to manage their paid media campaigns.

Kōraru’s mission for 2023 is to help consumers make better decisions by sharing important information on sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Along with encouraging consumers to make eco-friendly choices, Embryo will help share the company’s values by creating campaigns that share why Kōraru wants to help protect the environment.

Oana Ponomarenco Romaneiro said: “Our collection aims to boost women’s body confidence by allowing them to look good and feel comfortable at the pool and beach. Our sustainable one-pieces and bikinis are made from ethical and good quality materials that aim to make you feel more empowered as a woman.”

She continued sharing that the Manchester-based agency will boost Kōraru’s core brand messages across social media as they aim to do what they can to help people make better shopping decisions online.

 “We liked that Embryo supports us not just from an advertising perspective but also in our brand-building journey and communicating our brand values and story to the world. They are intentional in giving us ideas of relevant content we can create and adding more value to our customers by way of that content, but also helping us position ourselves in a way that is unique to us as a brand instead of just following trends.

We are looking forward to seeing our community grow to be able to help consumers make better decisions by sharing important information on sustainable practices in the fashion industry. And we hope to get as many people out there to discover our story and the value of Kōraru through our social media.”

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Kōraru is ideal for the eco-chic minimalist, as their swimwear designs feature clean lines in timeless styles that will flatter all body types. The warm beige, orange and burgundy tones of the collection resemble shades of coral found in the ocean, alluding to the brand's name—the Japanese pronunciation of "coral". All pieces are made from Econyl, and all the packaging is made from sustainable sources too—swimsuits are wrapped in Paptic Tringa, a wood fibre based cellulose sourced from sustainably managed forests, the packaging box lining uses fibres from reused algae, and the boxes themselves are 100% recyclable.

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Most Sustainable: Kumanomi Cup Top AvorioBUY ON KORARU.CO

Size range: S-L | Runs: True to size | Material: 78%  ECONYL Regenerated Nylon 22% Elastane | Return Policy: Full refund within 14 days of receiving order

Not only do we love the classy and classic shape of this bikini, but you can know you're also wearing a piece that's good for the environment. The suit is made partially from recycled materials and the brand even uses eco-friendly packaging.

December 06, 2022

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Best Sustainable


Why We Love It: Sustainability and elegant design are at the core of Koraru.

What to Consider: As a slow fashion company, Koraru doesn't produce multiple collections a year, so its styles are limited.

As a sustainable swimwear brand, Koraru focuses on high-quality fabrics and minimalist designs that defy trends. It was founded by former model Oana Ponomarenco Romaneiro, who grew up along the Black Sea coast in Romania and later moved to Japan. Koraru is the antithesis of overconsumption and overproduction that have come to define fashion in recent decades. The primarily monochrome styles are made from recycled nylon Econyl fabric. In addition, the company donates $5 to the Coral Reef Alliance for every piece it sells.

The brand's versatility is one of its best features. The Nikko Bandeau top is designed for tanning and can be worn with straps that give it a decidedly more vintage feel, especially when paired with the matching high-rise bottoms.

Return Policy: Returns are at the expense of the customer and can be done within 14 days of delivery date | Price Range: $110-$220

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Oana Romaneiro was inspired to create a quality, eco-friendly swimwear line after one trip where her pricy bikini broke. The model-turned-founder had previously gotten a glimpse of the fashion industry’s lack of sustainability. “[Sustainability] is really important in fashion because the rate at which fashion is being delivered [and] consumed is growing exponentially every year and it’s becoming damaging to the environment as well as our own psychological wellbeing,” says Romaneiro.

She made it her mission to create sophisticated swimwear that protects the environment. According to its site, every part of Kōraru’s swimwear is made with compassion toward the earth starting with the fabric. Each suit is made from Econyl, a regenerated nylon made from a variety of waste sources. Each bikini is wrapped in a Paptic Tringa envelope, a type of cellulose that’s made with wood fibers sourced from sustainably-managed forests. For packaging, the box linings are made from Shiro Alga Carta, a type of algae that is taken from areas where algae overgrowth is a threat to the ocean's fragile ecosystem. “As consumers, we make better choices when we are educated on what we buy. The more we know about the world around us and about ourselves, the less we need,” says Romaneiro. 

MAY 20, 2022

15 of Our Favorite Sustainable Swimwear Brands To Get Behind This Year

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Koraru, Kumanomi Cup Top — $110.00

Chic meets sustainability in this beautiful top. The shape is one thing, but look closely and you’ll find fine details that elevate each top, like a trendy double strap and a delicate, gold closure at the back. Available in cream, white, orange, and maroon. Matching bottoms are available, too.

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I don't know about you, but I appreciate a low-maintenance routine. I also like having a few modest, bodysuit-like one pieces on hand in case I'm going to the beach with family or coworkers, and it's handy to be able to pull a pair of shirts on over my swimsuit before heading to eat, grab drinks, or walk on the boardwalk. To satisfy all these needs, the bodysuit-cum-swimsuit is going strong this year—and in a variety of cute styles!

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Most Sustainable Maternity SwimsuitKoraru Chikyu Belted One-Piece — $220.00

This swimsuit is a splurge, but because it’s not a maternity suit, you can wear it long after giving birth. The suit features built-in pads, thick, supportive straps, and a super cute belt on the waist, which can either disguise or accentuate your postpartum body—that’s up to you. The brand is hyper focused on being sustainable, using recycled fabrics and eco-friendly packaging to ship their products. These suits are also resistant to sun creams and oils (aka they won’t stain the fabric), and won’t pill.

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Koraru is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word ‘coral.’ The slow fashion swimwear brand was born out of the desire to operate in a more holistic and circular way to protect one of the most essential yet threatened ecosystems, coral reefs. Koraru swimwear is made from ECONYL, a regenerated yarn material sourced from nylon waste found in fishing nets, carpeting and industrial plastic. In addition, packaging is made from upcycled algae and sustainably sourced wood fibers, paptic tringa, which is 100% recyclable. 

We’re loving the modest and chic Annie One Shoulder Bandeau Top and the Annie High Waist Bottoms in burgundy that can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks.