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What happens when we slow down? In today’s busy world it is all too easy to operate at a fast pace, but at Kōraru, we believe in order to truly thrive we need to take a moment to step back, take a breath and notice the world around us.  

This is our approach to creating. Inspired by Kōraru’s birth place, we harness the mindfulness of Japanese lifestyle, working in a considered, circular way to produce beautiful swimwear that respects our planet.

In fact, a mindful ethos permeates everything we do. Connecting to ourselves, and our surroundings, bringing awareness to our internal being and appreciating the beauty of the present moment is our guiding ethos. An intention we set every day. 

We invite you to practice with us using a handful of simple, mindful moment tools.



In modern life we are surrounded by technology on a 24/7 basis. The omnipresence of bulging email inboxes, social media platforms and messaging services which feature so regularly in the day-to-day, gives us little opportunity to check out and switch off. Rather than reaching for your phone or other distractions in the evening, allow yourself a period of time to be technology-free and instead, sit with yourself. Read a book, write thoughts in a journal or focus on your breath. Carve out a moment of quiet calm.



When we are functioning at full speed and continually chasing what comes next, we can forget to stop and take a moment to realise all we have to be grateful for. Noticing the gifts already in our possession helps us to see all of the light in the world and the people around us, and shift our mindsets into a positive space. At the start or end of each day, make a note of five things you are grateful for, be it a person, a feeling, an opportunity, a challenge that has lead to growth or anything else that inspires joy. 

 Photo by <a href="">Simon Maage</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash


When you’re sitting at your desk, making a cup of tea or standing in the shower, take the opportunity to still your thoughts and calm your body and mind by focusing on breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly; concentrate on the breath entering and leaving your body; focus on the sensation and sound of the air as it moves in and out; notice the rise and fall of your chest. If you notice your thoughts wandering, bring them back to the peacefulness of your breath. 



The world is full of amazing things, but in our rush to check off our to-do lists, we often look right past them. Noticing the world from a fresh perspective by introducing a moment of awe in our everyday life, helps bring us back to the present and appreciate the beauty in even the smallest things. On your way to work or to get coffee, or the next time you go for a walk, channel your inner child and feel excited about the colours in the sky, the leaves on the trees, the patterns of a building, the sound of the breeze. Consciously connect to the wonders of life. 



Ground yourself and reconnect to the world around you during a busy day by scheduling in a self check-in. This could be when brushing your teeth, preparing a meal or five minutes set aside in your diary, but take a moment to listen to yourself. How are you feeling? What can you hear? What can you see? What can you smell? Absorb your surroundings, acknowledge how you feel and bring your whole attention to the here and now. 



When we disconnect from ourselves, our negative inner voices can dominate our mindsets leading to critical trains of thought. Practise quieting that voice and amplifying supportive thoughts by exercising your kind voice. Speak to yourself as you would a friend; treat yourself with encouragement and compassion. Whenever possible, try to become aware that your thoughts are just that, thoughts, and allow them to come and pass. After that you can try to direct yourself away from negative thoughts by asking: ‘what do I love right now?’. Gift yourself acceptance by acknowledging your perceived flaws and accepting yourself anyway. 


How we wake-up can have a significant impact on our mindset for the day ahead. Instead of switching off the alarm and rushing out of bed, spend a few moments noticing how you’re feeling emotionally and physically, take your time stretching and rising, and set an intention to bring mindfulness to your day. Similarly, try grounding yourself at the end of the day by calmly moving through your night time routine, absorbing the sensation of cleansing your face, brushing your teeth, kissing loved ones goodnight and letting your body sink into the bed. 

 Photo by <a href="">David Mao</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash


The wellbeing benefits of being in nature are endless, however you don’t need to be in an open space to tune into the rhythms of the natural world. Pick a cloud in the sky, watch, wait, breath and hold it in your gaze until it disappears. Almost meditative in effect, simply connecting to any element of nature around us can offer us a valuable opportunity to pause.