woman wearing burgundy sustainable bikini from luxury brand Koraru
When it comes to fashion, buying less and buying better is the smartest way to shop. But what does buying better actually look like, and does spending more on fewer pieces really stack up?

The fast fashion industry is booming; by 2026, it is forecast to be worth $133 billion. Pay a visit to shopping malls across the globe and it’s easy to pick up a swimsuit for the price of a coffee. Our single-use culture is encouraging the trend; buy cheap, wear once then throw away and move on to the next. But while it might appear that low-cost swimsuits are an inexpensive way to update your vacation wardrobe, the true cost is far from insignificant. 

For apparel to be sold cheaply, someone is missing out and usually this means those who create it. Poor working conditions and unfair wages are commonplace in fast fashion supply chains. When the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in 2013, it killed over one thousand garment workers who had been ordered into work after cracks in the structure were found. Although safeguards have since been put in place and regulations tightened across the industry, exploitation still exists. By investing in pieces that have been made fairly in a transparent supply chain, we can all ensure craftspeople are supported and treated with respect. 

Koraru econyl fabric being turned into our sustainable swimwear


The detrimental impact fast fashion has on the environment is becoming more and more apparent. Not only do irresponsible manufacturing process damage our natural world – from C02 emissions to water pollution – the high consumption rate that it fuels is creating unprecedented levels of textile waste. Garment production has doubled since 2000 with an estimated 92 million tonnes of discarded clothing going to landfill or being burned globally every year. 

But why wouldn’t you throw a swimsuit out if it’s become misshapen, faded, pilled or no longer looks good on? When pieces aren’t made with care and attention they don’t stand the test of time, meaning even the smallest price tags are money down the drain. 

There’s no doubt that low price points can be enticing, however spending more on considered design, beautiful quality and sustainable craftsmanship pays off in spades. Investing in a capsule of treasured swimsuits that fit, flatter and feel good to wear, means always having that perfect beachside wardrobe.

Loved clothes last and we believe that the right swimsuit is something to wear and keep forever. 

Koraru sustainable swimwear bikini

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