Fast fashion has had a devastating impact on our planet, and it's time for a change. We need to embrace sustainable fashion, not only to protect the environment but also to support fair and ethical working conditions in the industry. One way to find out what's new in sustainable fashion is by following sustainable influencers on social media.


These influencers are more than just stylish trendsetters. They are using their platforms to educate and inspire others about sustainable fashion, encouraging us all to make better choices. Whether it's through sharing information about eco-friendly materials, promoting second-hand shopping, or discussing the social impact of our clothing choices, these creators are making a difference.

But with so many influencers out there, how do you know who to follow? We've done the research and curated a list of 15 Instagram personalities who are truly leading the way in sustainable fashion.

In this article, we'll introduce you to each of these influencers and highlight what makes them special. From their unique perspectives on sustainable fashion to their impactful advocacy work, you'll get an inside look at how they're changing the game.

So get ready to be inspired! These stories may just spark your own journey towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.


In the era of fast fashion, it's refreshing to see a collective shift towards sustainable and ethical alternatives. Sustainable fashion is not just a trend, but a responsibility that concerns us all — from consumers to fashion houses. Now more than ever, the narrative around ethical fashion and slow fashion brands is changing, influenced by powerful voices that advocate for mindful consumption and conscious decision-making.



Aja Barber is a renowned name within the sustainable fashion community. She is an author, stylist, consultant and a passionate advocate for ethical consumption. Her book "Consumed" serves as a manifesto for change, challenging readers to reassess their consumption habits and understand the repercussions on marginalized communities and the environment. Follow her on Instagram @ajabarber for inspiring content around intersectional environmentalism and sustainable style.


Aditi Mayer brings a unique perspective to sustainable fashion with her focus on labor rights. As an ethical fashion blogger, her content revolves around the social impact of our consumer choices. Advocating for fair wages and safe working conditions in the fashion industry, she underscores the human aspect of sustainability. You can find her on Instagram @aditimayer sharing insights about ethical brands and thought-provoking narratives around consumerism.




Venetia La Manna is another force in the realm of fair fashion campaigning. She co-founded "Remember Who Made Them," a digital storytelling series highlighting garment workers' stories globally. Her Instagram account @venetialamanna is a treasure trove of sustainable fashion brands, low-impact living tips, and insights about the fashion industry's transparency (or lack thereof).




Heidi Kaluza's journey from fast-fashion consumer to an advocate for ethical living serves as an inspiration for her followers. Her personal transformation echoes a broader societal shift towards sustainability. On her Instagram page @the_rogue_essentials she educates followers about the importance of conscious consumerism and features a range of eco-friendly brands. Heidi's content aims to demystify the marketing and tactics that trendy brands are pushing on consumers.



Arizona Muse stands as a beacon of sustainability within the fashion sphere, leveraging her influential platform on Instagram to advocate for environmental consciousness and responsible living. As a renowned model, she seamlessly blends her high-fashion credibility with a deep commitment to eco-friendly practices, inspiring her followers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Arizona's feed is not just a glimpse into the world of ethical fashion but also an educational resource that highlights the importance of biodiversity, renewable energy, and conscious consumerism. Her dedication to these causes extends beyond her social media; she actively collaborates with organizations and brands that align with her vision for a greener future, truly embodying the role of an eco-warrior in the digital age.



Mikaela Loach is a rising star in the realm of sustainability, using her voice as a powerful tool for activism and change. On Instagram, she doesn't shy away from addressing critical issues such as climate justice, ethical consumerism, and intersectional environmentalism. Her feed is a tapestry of thought-provoking content, personal reflections, and actionable advice, all aimed at mobilizing her audience towards a more equitable and sustainable world. Mikaela's authenticity and informed perspective make her a relatable figure for those looking to navigate the complexities of eco-conscious living. As an influencer, she not only educates but also empowers her followers to take meaningful steps in their own lives, proving that individual actions can collectively make a significant impact.



Leah Thomas, known on Instagram as @greengirlleah, is an influential figure in the sustainability movement, championing the intersection of environmentalism and social justice. Her content is a vibrant mix of educational posts, sustainable lifestyle tips, and advocacy for inclusivity within the green space. Leah's approach is holistic; she acknowledges the interconnectedness of human rights and environmental health, encouraging her followers to consider both in their journey towards sustainability. Her initiative, Intersectional Environmentalist, underscores her commitment to this cause and has become a pivotal resource for those seeking to understand and embody eco-consciousness with an inclusive lens. Through her engaging social media presence, Leah Thomas inspires a community of activists who are eager to make a positive impact on both society and the planet.


Summer Dean, also recognized as @climatediva on Instagram, is a passionate advocate for sustainable fashion and environmental awareness. Residing in Los Angeles, California, but originally from Portland, Oregon, her approach to sustainability is to make it fun, fashionable, lighthearted, and accessible. She believes that everyone has the capacity to be an environmentalist in their own way. Dean's passion for the environment was ignited during her youth when she would plant gardens with her mother and further intensified after witnessing the devastating effects of the BP oil spill while living near the Florida coast. As a content creator, Summer Dean confronts challenges within the sustainable fashion space, particularly the pervasive culture of hyper-consumption driven by fast fashion brands. She advocates for a shift towards more thoughtful consumption patterns and supports small businesses that adopt a made-to-order model. When thrifting for second-hand pieces, she looks for items that complement her existing wardrobe and prefers natural fabrics like cotton, silk, or linen in her favorite colors of green and lavender. Looking ahead, Summer Dean envisions a future where she continues to inspire sustainable action through her online presence. She dreams of one day opening a vintage clothing shop and is currently writing a children's book about climate change and sustainability. Through @climatediva, she encourages others to live slowly, uphold their values, collaborate with brands they respect, and savor nature's beauty.


Sustainable fashion is not just a trend; it's a movement towards clothing that is made ethically and with the environment in mind, while also respecting the people involved in its production. This type of fashion embodies important principles such as using resources efficiently, ensuring fair working conditions, and creating clothes that are meant to last.
When we talk about ethical fashion, we shift our focus to the human side of things. It's about advocating for fair wages, safe workplaces, and transparent supply chains in the garment industry. Ethical fashion is a crucial part of the sustainability conversation because it ensures that our clothes don't come at the expense of someone else's well-being.
In this context, it is essential to support slow fashion brands. These are brands that prioritize quality craftsmanship, often use sustainable materials, and produce fewer items to minimize waste. They promote a wardrobe that is carefully curated and long-lasting, which is completely different from the disposable nature of fast fashion.
The emergence of eco-friendly brands reflects a shift in the industry towards reducing the environmental impact of fashion. These brands are constantly innovating with materials and processes that help lower carbon emissions, conserve water, and encourage recycling and upcycling.
In this ever-changing world of sustainable fashion, there are several individuals who have made a name for themselves as influencers in this space. Their online platforms serve as sources of inspiration and information for those looking to make more conscious choices in their style:



Lauren Singer is the visionary behind @trashisfortossers, an influential platform dedicated to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle that is both simple and enjoyable. Since embarking on her own zero-waste journey in 2012, Lauren has become renowned for her ability to fit an entire year's worth of personal waste into a single 16oz mason jar, earning her the nickname "the girl with the trash jar" among her community. Her dedication to environmental preservation and sustainable living led her to create Trash is for Tossers in 2014, initially as a blog to document her waste reduction endeavors. Lauren's inspiring Ted Talk further amplified the zero-waste message, reaching millions and igniting widespread interest in the movement.

In 2017, she expanded her impact by launching Package Free, a retail venture aimed at bringing together makers of sustainable products to facilitate waste reduction. As part of Package Free, Trash is for Tossers serves as the editorial branch, providing readers with valuable insights, tips, and tools for minimizing waste daily and living in harmony with their environmental values. Lauren's work has not only made zero-waste living accessible but also highlighted its cost-effectiveness and fun nature, making her a true trailblazer in environmental advocacy and education.


Valeria Hinojosa is a sustainability influencer with an inspiring journey from the private banking sector to a life dedicated to environmental activism and conscious entrepreneurship. Her Instagram account, @waterthruskin, reflects her commitment to a lifestyle that harmonizes with the planet's wellbeing. A native of Bolivia, Valeria's decision to leave behind her banking career ten years ago was fueled by a desire to reconnect with her essence and pursue passions that truly resonated with her soul. Today, at 36, she stands as a vegan, earth activist, sustainable content creator, and herbalist.

Her transformation led to the founding of Water Thru Skin, where she shares her insights on living mindfully and sustainably. Additionally, Valeria co-founded Intū Rituals and The Yindah Foundation, as well as Casa Earth—ventures that all underscore her dedication to eco-consciousness. Valeria's philosophy centers on finding one's "soft rhythm," making time for self-care and pursuits you love, and making choices that positively impact spiritual and mental health, as well as nature. Through her work and online presence, Valeria Hinojosa inspires others to embrace a life that prioritizes sustainability and inner peace.


Ethical Fashion Advocate - @karafabella
Kara Fabella brings a relatable perspective to the discussion on ethical fashion. Her content bridges the gap between sustainable ideals and everyday life, offering practical styling tips that promote wearing clothes for longer. By guiding her followers in building a timeless wardrobe with slow fashion pieces, she shows that style doesn't have to be compromised for ethics.



    Kathryn Kellogg is the inspiring force behind "Going Zero Waste," a popular blog dedicated to sustainable living and environmental consciousness. As an author, speaker, and advocate, Kathryn has made it her mission to demonstrate that living a zero-waste lifestyle is not only attainable but also rewarding. Through practical tips, DIY projects, and insightful discussions, she guides her audience on how to reduce waste in everyday life. Her engaging approach and genuine passion for the planet have garnered a loyal following, making her a leading voice in the zero-waste movement. Whether it's through her blog, social media platforms, or public speaking engagements, Kathryn continues to empower individuals to make eco-friendly choices that collectively contribute to a healthier Earth.




      Marielle Elizabeth is a strong supporter of size-inclusivity in sustainable fashion. On her Instagram page, she raises awareness about the lack of size options in sustainable and ethical brands. She shows her followers that you can look stylish while still being conscious of the planet - no matter what size you are.



      Dominique Drakeford is the founder of Melanin And Sustainable Style. She uses her platform to promote Black-owned sustainable brands and advocate for land rights for Black and Indigenous communities. Dominique's work reminds us that sustainability is not just about the environment - it's also about social justice.



      An enthusiastic supporter of secondhand style, Pumulo shares valuable tips on thrift shopping with her followers. Her passion highlights the potential of buying pre-loved clothes as a way to reduce waste and create a circular economy. Check out her sustainable style insights on Instagram: @pumulo.


        Each creator brings their own unique viewpoint on sustainability, which appeals to different groups of consumers seeking to align their fashion choices with their values. Following these thought leaders not only provides daily inspiration but also helps educate us on how we can make a positive impact through our personal style choices.
        These influencers are changing the way we think about our closets and challenging us to reconsider our shopping habits in favor of a more mindful approach to fashion. By embracing their perspectives, followers gain access to a wealth of information aimed at cultivating an eco-conscious lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetics or self-expression.
        One important aspect of sustainable fashion is ethical fashion, which puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that the rights of workers in the fashion industry are respected. This includes fair wages and safe working conditions. Ethical fashion calls on both brands and consumers to prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical business practices.
        In this context, it is crucial to support slow fashion brands. These innovative companies prioritize quality and durability over fast trends, offering fewer collections per year or timeless pieces designed to last. By doing so, they challenge the culture of disposable fashion and help reduce waste.
        These champions of sustainability are crucial in shifting the narrative from fast-fashion to slow, conscious fashion. Their voices echo the importance of making mindful choices - not only for our wardrobes but for the environment and society as a whole.
        By infusing our social media feeds with their insights, we cultivate a healthier online environment. This act of follow-ship goes beyond mere brand collaboration as it fosters an informed community committed to reducing fast-fashion awareness.
        Take a moment to explore these profiles, immerse yourself in their stories, and allow their journeys to inspire your own path towards sustainable style. These social media influencers are shaping the present discourse and future direction of fashion. Their advocacy work is a testament to how individual actions can spur collective progress.
        As consumers, we have power. Let's use it wisely by choosing to learn from and support these influential figures who are redefining style with sustainability at its core.


         Header image by Summer Dean on Instagram