Kōraru was born out of a desire to slow down, and a recognition of the imperative to operate in a more holistic and circular way. 

The rise of the fast fashion landscape has seen a disconnect between the fashion industry and the natural world, as profit is put above the wellbeing of our planet and wasteful, environmentally damaging practises dominate. 

Having witnessed this irresponsible mindset first hand while working in the fashion industry, founder Oana Romaneiro felt compelled to challenge the status quo and build a brand dedicated to ethical actions, sustainable processes and giving back to the environment at every opportunity. 

Beautiful design is a luxury – one that shouldn’t cost the earth. Thoughtful production and consumption that work in harmony with our surroundings is essential, and something we strive to do by prioritising our core principles. 

Timeless design

The antithesis of trend, our appreciation of classic silhouettes, clean lines, flattering cuts and a versatile colour palette means every Kōraru swimsuit has enduring style that will stand the test of time.


Sustainable materials

Inspired by the sea and passionate about conserving it, we adopt a circular approach to raw materials. Each swimsuit is made using ECONYL regenerated yarn, a regenerated nylon created from post consumer waste. Our boxes are lined with reused algae which, if left in excess, causes damage to the ecosystem. 

Committed to quality

Opposed to disposability, Kōraru sustainable swimwear is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality, to ensure every piece will be worn on repeat and cherished for a lifetime. 


Mindful production

Encouraging mindful consumption, we have stepped back from the fast pace of the traditional fashion calendar, instead offering a core collection of seasonless forever-styles, and adding thoughtful newness only when appropriate.

Connection to the community 

Reconnecting to the global community to support positive change is essential. Sharing the Kōraru value system, our manufacturing partners in Columbia provide employment for local women, and support community charities.


360 Sustainability 

Dedicated to being authentically circular, our packaging is intentionally minimal to reduce waste, and uses 100% recyclable materials including Paptic Tringa, Shiro Alga Carta and Oeko-tex certified, renewable and biodegradable cotton. 

Thoughtful innovation 

Continually seeking to further our journey to total circularity, we always look for new, more sustainable ways to operate and embrace ethical innovation. At Kōraru we believe slow fashion isn’t a movement, it’s a way of life.