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Do you feel nervous about the impending cold that comes with winter? So do we! That’s how we know it's time to make winter getaway plans and follow the sun through the seasons.

Looking for ideas? Why not take advantage of the winter sun to improve your mood and vitamin D levels as the days shorten and the temperatures drop? You can do this by planning the best and most exciting beach holiday of your life as winter approaches.

The top winter sun holiday destinations around the globe provide more than just reliable sunshine and pleasant weather. Some of them, like Cape Town in South Africa, are incredibly family-friendly. Meanwhile, the Maldives is a perfect example of a location with desert islands that host with lots of engaging activities, including diving, visiting galleries, practicing yoga, and taking boat cruises. You may even decide to do nothing and just take a moment to slow down appreciate your stunning surroundings. We certainly recommend it.

If you’re looking for variety, we’ve compiled the best locations with warm weather and thrilling sights during winter. We think you’ll love them!


There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect winter sun destination. First, you’ll have to think about your budget and try to stick with it. Next, you’ll have to consider distance, especially if you’re on a short break. Other factors include your preferred activities and attractions.

Fortunately, we’ve spent time collecting the best destinations to warm up during the cold season. From favorable weather to cost-effectiveness and everything in between, you’ll find a location that agrees with you in the list below:


Many people avoid vacationing during the busiest travel seasons as no one wants their holiday ruined by crowds of other tourists. The truth is that Ambergris Caye, Belize, experiences high tourism during the winter. However, it’s never as swamped as you may have already envisaged. People are still discovering Belize, and while you might have some company on a warm, sandy beach, you won't be fending off the hordes like you might at other well-visited locations.

Another perk? The local businesses in Belize prepare for this time of year and put everything they have into making it a thrilling experience for visitors.


Here’s one thing to note about French Polynesia: its stunning and tropical landscapes, like those in Rangiroa, are a must-see on a winter holiday. Rangiroa island features a gorgeous lagoon with numerous natural beaches, waters, and unique marine life.  In fact, Rangiroa makes the list of the best diving locations in the world.  It is the ideal location for taking a boat cruise or acting out Robinson Crusoe's adventures on a desert island.


San Juan is a lovely city with loads of excitement to offer to anyone who loves the good life. The good news? Winter is the ideal time to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico, because the weather is moderate, and there are numerous activities to enjoy. There are also many cultures to experience, as well as stunning beaches and opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, and nightlife.


If you’re looking for a destination that ticks all the boxes for a perfect winter sun destination, Bangkok, Thailand, is your best bet. From the beautiful beaches to the pleasant weather, wildlife, culture, etc., you’re sure to have a swell time in this location. What’s more, there are lodging options for every price range, ranging from opulent spa resorts to hotels and thatched beach huts.


You probably already know that the Bahamas is one of the most popular and exciting travel locations for the summer holidays. But did you know that the Bahamas is also a great destination to enjoy the winter sun? In fact, the perfect time to jet off to this location is all the time, as the stunning water and sun-kissed sands are there to enjoy all year round.

The climate in the Bahamas is always lovely, and this location has some of the best diving locations in the world.


Bali is an island paradise with earthly delights. You’ll fall in love with its distinct design and enjoy abundant opportunities for luxurious spa getaways. Are you a party person? Then get ready to enjoy the flip-flop full-moon celebrations in secluded coves and exciting activities at the hip Potato Head Beach Club.  The talk-of-the-town Lawn in Canggu makes a perfect bohemian beach destination, too, and you’ll also love the unique pools here.

 Image by Muhammad Novrijal


There are many things to enjoy about southeast Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, from pyramid-shaped Mayan monuments to cave pools with bath-friendly green water. There are also many hotels in this location so accommodation wouldn’t be a problem.

The best way to enjoy this destination is to drive to Chiquila to park your car in preparation for excursions. Then take a 15-minute ferry to the car-free island of Isla Holbox. Isla Holbox is an ultra-chill, hippy-style paradise with colorful and picture-worthy houses, flip-flops, studios, shack bars serving tacos or cocktails, and a series of sandy beaches to explore.


Bermuda is one of the world's most popular winter getaway destinations due to its moderate weather, endless sunlight, and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. So, if you’re looking to escape your chilly city for somewhere more pleasant this winter, you already know where to go. From the pink sand beaches to exciting activities to explore, you’ll have no regrets about choosing this location.


Cape Town is among the most stunning destinations if you want somewhere warm and fun this winter. The allure and breathtaking beauty of Cape Town in the wintertime make it the perfect place to enjoy numerous exciting activities. It’s the ideal destination for beaches, water sports, breathtaking scenery, outdoor pursuits, and adventure!


Almost any time of year is suitable for a tan-perfecting Maldives vacation due to the abundance of sunshine in this location. Nevertheless, winter remains a brilliant time to visit the palm-fringed atolls and beautiful archipelago of white-sand islands the Indian Ocean offers. That's because the chances of this location being wet during this period are slim, making it the perfect time for snorkeling, one of the great activities here. Other activities to enjoy in the Maldives include yoga, scuba diving, and canoeing.

Image by Shifaaz Shamoon


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 Enjoying the pool in Gili Meno wearing the Marie sustainable bikini set in coral print and powder

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