bathing in the ocean in Lombok, wearing Koraru sustainable bikinis made from ECONYL regenerated yarn, basking in the sunset light in Indonesia
Surprisingly, finding the best swimsuit can be quite a task. Most times, it’s difficult to find  well fitting swimwear because there are so many options to choose from and they are not all made alike.


Are you in pursuit of a stylish swimsuit for your next holiday or because you're in need of a up-to-date design? Then, you can have your pick from a myriad of choices. But if your idea of relaxation is to have a swim, paddle board, or play in the ocean, then getting the best sustainable swimwear should be a top priority.

The perfect bathing suit should offer you the best of functionality, form, and style. Your choice of swimwear should also be easy to wear, comfortable, lightweight, and made from top-quality fabrics. Finally, remember that they should also provide excellent value for your money. We know, it sounds overwhelming.

But if you're worried about choosing the best swimsuits for swimming, we’re here to quell your fears. This article is the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect swimwear for whatever swimming event catches your fancy.


Here's the cold truth no one ever mentions: there's no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the best swimwear for swimming. So, just because that luxury swimwear looks flattering on your favourite celebrity does mean it'll fit your body just right.

Finding the perfect bathing suit can oftentimes feel like searching for your ride-or-die. It's just different for everyone. But the good thing about finally finding "the one" is the eternal fulfilment that comes with it. The best swimwear will give you the same satisfaction many years later, like the first time you wore it.

So, be well-prepared and make mental notes about your preferences before buying any bathing suit. Fortunately, while swimwear is individualised and not created equal, the criteria for choosing the best ones remain the same. Let's take a look at the factors to consider when choosing your next one piece swimsuit or bikini:


Like every other piece of clothing, even the best swimwear would look ridiculous in the wrong size. So, when purchasing a bathing suit, be sure it fits the way you want it to.

In addition to size, you should also consider your preferences when finding the right fit. For example, do you like swimsuits that offer extra coverage, swim tops with bust support, or other features? Think about all the features you'd love to see in your swimwear and look out for them when searching.

Yes, when choosing the perfect swimwear, be thorough and give no room for middle ground. There’s lots of choices out there, so make sure everything is up to your standards.


Are you more of a one-piece bathing suit kind of gal or do you normally go for a bikini set? If you love two pieces, would you prefer bikinis or tankinis? Consider these aspects when purchasing your swimwear for swimming purposes.

A great one-piece swimsuit can be the perfect blend of function and style. They're your best bet for diving into water or paddle boarding in waves, as they'll always stay in place. On the other hand, two-piece women's suits are easily customisable and faster to dry. There is no right or wrong answer, and opting for variation might be the wisest choice.


We know we're looking to swim, but will it be professional swimming or for fun? While this may sound like a ridiculous thing to consider, the purpose of your swimming matters. Swimsuits vary for relaxation and competitive swimmers. So, choose your bathing suits based on their intended use.

For example, while regular swimsuits focus aesthetics above all else, professional swimmers will know that athletic swimsuits focus on reducing skin drag and friction. As a result, they contribute to making the swimmer's forward motion more effective. Luckily, nowadays, a lot of fabrics reserved for professional swimming in the past is available for fashion swimwear, with some brands breaching the gap between style and function.


Fabric is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing swimwear. Generally, if you're in doubt, it's always best to stick with high-end, environmentally friendly bathing suits. Sustainable swimwear keeps you comfortable as you dip in the pool while being less impactful on the environment. It saves natural resources, promotes innovation, supports ethical supply chains, and in a larger sense, shows the need and consumer desire for better business practices.

You should also note that high-end swimsuits come with sun-protective fabric. This ensures that you have adequate protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Finally, when looking for suitable swimwear, try opting for fabric that is fast-drying. Fast-drying material will serve you best if you’re going in and out of water for the most part. It also saves you from chafing since it doesn’t retain moisture.


Nothing ruins a swimming experience more than swimwear that itches all over your body and keeps you uncomfortable. Your swimwear should help you relax/focus on the water and not keep you uneasy. It should save you from embarrassment and ensure you can move as freely as possible.

We recommend opting for soft, non slippery fabrics when purchasing a bathing suit for swimming.


This is one factor many people often need to consider when purchasing a bathing suit for swimming. But, unfortunately, they end up regretting their purchase as their swimwear becomes damaged quickly. Worse, bathing suits that aren’t chlorine resistant can also increase the risk of chlorine-damaged skin.

However, your swimwear will retain its shape and colour with chlorine-resistant bathing suits. Chlorine-resistant bathing suits are also cost-effective, reliable, and lasts longer than others.


Regardless of how much you spend on your swimsuit, the most important thing is getting value for your money. So, make sure you purchase durable bathing suits that withstand several rounds of washing and trips to the ocean. You should also invest in a high-quality swimsuit that won't tear quickly.

While one would hope most high-end swimwear are made with quality fabrics, you might want to consider aesthetics and value included with that price point. While we always have an inclination for a flattering swimsuit, we mustn't forget that it is still a functional garment that needs to fulfil a purpose.


Always go for the swimsuit that makes you feel beautiful and confident. That’s right—the best bathing suits for swimming will not sacrifice aesthetics on the altar of functionality. So, as you consider comfort, quality, price and other features, check that your chosen swimsuit suits your taste or compliments your figure.


Coverage matters, and it all depends on your preferences. You don’t have to go for something that shows off skin when you prefer to be covered, and vice-versa. So, if you want full coverage, it’s best to go for one-piece swimwear, and for a more modest two-piece, try a tankini.

The less coverage option, and also the more tanning friendly swimwear style is the bikini. This is your best option if you feel like sunbathing in between swimming sessions and looking to tan. We recommend reading our “Koraru’s guide to sun bathing” article before heading out in the sun.  


Finally, always consider colour when choosing your bathing suit for swimming, as it’s an essential part of self-expression. There are numerous solid colorus and patterns available for swimsuits. So, select a colour or print that you like, and if you want to be even more specific, that compliments your skin tone.

You can choose vibrant hues like red or orange for a fair skin tone. On the other hand, deeper hues like navy blue or black can be a good choice for dark skin. This can help compliment to your features and enhance your stunning appearance. However, these are just guidelines, feel free to choose the colours that you like the most and you know you will wear.

Lounging in the pool in Gili Meno, Indonesia - wearing beautiful sustainable bikinis by Koraru


The components of active swimwear are one of the most important things to have in mind when choosing the best ones. This is because they determine how functional and well-fitted your bathing suit will be.

These are the most common parts of a swimsuit and the ones you want to make sure are to your liking:


Many women’s swimwear have aesthetically pleasing and polished straps. However, more than adding beauty to the bathing suit, they also serve important roles for active swimmers. When choosing straps for your swimwear, it’s important to ensure that they provide you with the comfort and support you deserve.

There are different types of swimwear straps to choose from. First, there are adjustable straps that you can tighten or loosen to suit your body. This type of strap is also beneficial for swimwear that tends to get loose over time.

Next is the back closure that ensures that you can easily wear and remove your bathing suit, especially when wet. With racerback or crisscross straps, you’ll enjoy a wide arm and shoulder movement range as well as a perfect fit. Meanwhile, halter straps are perfect for women with large busts as it wraps around the neck to provide the needed support.

The bottom line is to consider your particular needs and choose the strap that suits them the most.


Inner pads are one of the most common and important parts of quality swimwear. Purchasing swimwear with bra pads will improve bust support and on occasion, lift. So be on the lookout for swimsuits that come with removable bra pads. This way, you can always take them off if you don’t like them.


Some swimsuits come with pockets zippered at the side or placed at the rear. This ensures that you always have a place to store your small essentials like lip balm or house key. So, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting lost as you kite surf or paddle.


Quality women’s swimwear has inner liners for extra thickness and coverage. The inner liners also offer enhanced opacity when you get wet because not all swim fabrics are opaque to begin with. You may also find bathing suits with special linings that help them stick to your skin to prevent slippage.


Do you covet a swimsuit that has an added attractive element to it ? Maybe you want to wear jewellery but don’t want them getting lost or damaged. In such cases, you can take a look at swimsuits or bikinis with built-in ornamental hardware. For example, you can consider wearing bikinis with beads on the straps or a bathing suit with decoration along the neckline.


A swimwear selection can seem like a daunting undertaking. Every year, there are a ton of choices and fresh fashion trends to take note of. Then, you also have to consider your budget, favourite colours, fit, comfort.

At Koraru, our sustainable swimwear created from ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn reflects the ethical values that we design around and is made to stand the test of time.

We curated a minimalist’s dream selection, whether you're looking for a bold one-piece swimsuit or a classic bikini. You can also pick your next favourite swimsuit among our triangle bikini tops and bandeau designs.


When it comes to bathing suits, what is your dream swimsuit? Here are some of our top picks for you:

Chikyu Belted One-Piece

If style and comfort are your primary focus, Chikyu Belted One-piece is your best swimming companion. This swimwear offers you medium coverage with highly functional pads and sewn in belt. It has also been doubled for sheer protection and cut high for a flattering and elongated leg line. You’ll love the chic belt that draws attention to your waist and the flattering low-cut back.

Hedi Set

Hedi Set will make you the center of attraction at the beach with its attractive colors and flattering swim top and bottoms. This swimsuit allows you to move freely and offers you style flexibility. The adjustable bra straps allow for achieving the perfect fit and the bottoms’ mid waist assure that you’ll be swimming comfortably without worrying they might move around. The best part is how together they create a very chic bikini set.

Zabel Tube One-Piece

Zabel Tube One-piece powder gives you style for days. Simple, yet elegant, this statement swimsuit will catch your eye at first glance. It’s incredibly alluring and offers you medium coverage and a built-in pocket with pads. The soft fabrics will hug your body just right and allow for ample movement when swimming. We also doubled it for sheer protection.


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