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Are you a regular visitor to travel websites? Then you must have noticed many pictures of palm trees, glistening water, and white sand on display. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Because this is one thing everyone, everywhere agrees on— beach holidays represent everything a fun vacation location should be like.

Think about it, what could be more relaxing than perusing a scintillating book under a beach umbrella while sipping your favourite drink and feeling the cool breeze caress your skin? Or scuba diving, parasailing, and snorkelling if you're all for the action? Whatever your hobbies, there's always something for you at the beach. And did we fail to mention the good old vitamin D you get from soaking up the sun?

But there's a catch — while a beach trip can be enjoyable, it's only as good as your planning. If you organise your trip early on, even something as small as forgetting your  favourite sun hat can cloud the experience (pun intended).

This beach vacation planning guide walks you through every step, from picking a location to offering fantastic suggestions for beachside activities. So, if you're not sure how or where to begin planning the best vacation for significant other or for your family, keep reading and you’re sure to find out.


Follow this guideline to plan the most seamless vacation you've ever had:


There are beaches, and then there are great beaches! How lovely your experience will be will depend on the location you choose. Some of our favourite sites are:

☼ Palawan, Philippines

☼ Outer Banks, North Carolina

☼ Maui, Hawaii

☼ Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

☼ Exuma, The Bahamas

☼ Destin, Florida

    Cauayan Island Resort, located in El Nido Palawan. Image courtsey of Cauayan Island Resort

    However, this trip isn't about us, so feel free to research and ensure that the location you choose matches your preferences and needs. Also, ensure that everyone tagging along does their due diligence too. You may also want to compare locations to rest assured that you end on choosing the most suitable option.

    When choosing a destination, here are some factors to consider to ensure you're making the right choice:

    ☼ Accommodation/ amenities ( check that your accommodation has the amenities and features you and your loved ones need or want: washer, mini bar, 24h in room dining, sunset or sunrise view, special pillows or mattresses, and any other feature you need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

    ☼ Rules and regulations as they regard customs and conventions in your chosen location. Make sure you read up on the country where you will be going, their customs and rules before you visit. Every country is different and it’s up to us, the visitors, to be mindful and respectful of their rules and traditions.

    ☼ Family-oriented, especially if you're traveling with kids is paramount. Family oriented locations and resorts will ensure there is something to do for every member of the family, and everyone can have a good time. They will also make sure the little ones have plenty of activities to keep them busy.

    ☼ Availability of skilled lifeguards, closeness to a big city in case of an emergency.



      Do you prefer to visit the beach when it's sunny, and the currents are low? Is your idea of the perfect beach day enjoying your time under a palm tree shade? Maybe you love the beach when it's all crowded. Or you prefer to visit when there aren't many people. Then, it all depends on when you decide to go on your beach holiday.

      So, besides the location, it's also important to choose the best time for your trip. That's because the same location will be different on a different time of the year . Your chosen beautiful  beach will only provide the best experience when you travel in the right season.

      So, if you love or can stand the heat, you can visit a hot island in August. But if you don't like the heat and wish to visit a tropical beach, winter months when rain is also less likely is your best bet.

      A quick google search of what the weather will be like during the period when you want to visit will tell you all you need to know in terms of how to prepare.

      3. SET UP A BUDGET  

      What will your trip cost you? This should be one of the first considerations whether you're planning an exceptional luxury tropical retreat or an affordable beach holiday. Budgeting is a crucial component of planning a beach trip; knowing how much money you have to work with can make choosing a destination, a hotel, and a to-do list much easier.

      These are some important things to include in your beach vacation budget:

      ☼  Accommodation

      ☼  Transportation

      ☼  Food and drinks (consider people with special dietary restrictions)

      ☼  Activities

      ☼  Expenditure (insurance, visa, etc.)

      ☼  Shopping and souvenirs

        Remember that a budget for a beach trip is a guide for structuring, spending, and planning rather than a rigid guideline to follow. So, you can allow your budget to practical and flexible.


        Are you going on a solo beach trip with a romantic partner or in a group? If you're going in a group, are they made up for friends or family? What are their age ranges? The answer to these questions will significantly affect how you plan your beach holiday.

        For example, your plans will be more romantically-themed if you're traveling with your partner. As such, your primary focus will be adult-only activities that enhance your intimacy. However, if you're traveling with a group, you'll have to consider their preferences and ensure that your plans suit everyone and that everyone is included in the planning and aware of every choice made.


        Yes, we know that you're on this beach trip to relax. However, to truly unwind, you must do more than just rest, especially if you're out in a group. In other words, when planning your beach vacation, you should factor in fun activities that enliven your personal and collective experience.

        So, brainstorm games and other fun activities that your family or group can play together. For example, you can plan for travel board games, frescoball fun,  frisbees, boogie boards, etc. Another thing to consider when planning family activities is keeping kids busy when the adults need some rest.

        Don’t forget a captivating read for keeping busy when traveling or lounging under a palm tree.

        Jordan White @hautehouseflower wearing the Chikyu belted one piece swimsuit by Koraru while horse riding in the Grand Cayman Islands. Source: instagram


        Packing is always an essential part of any solid beach vacation plan. So, while ensuring that you pack light, it's also important not to leave out any essentials. These include sunscreen, medicines, towels, change of clothes, etc. This stage is so important that we advise that you prepare a checklist to avoid leaving out anything.

        Unfortunately, life happens, and no matter how hard you try, you could forget an item on your checklist. To avoid beating yourself up over your mistake and not enjoying the beach experience, it's important to check for relevant stores near your location before traveling.

        Besides purchasing items you forgot to take along, shopping can also be a fun vacation experience when traveling with family. It helps you to get a good feel of the area, and for those who enjoy a great shopping adventure, perusing the local shops is a soothing and interesting exercise.

        You should also plan what to eat and drink. While this may seem like the easiest task on earth if you're traveling alone, it can be tricky in a group vacation. For example, you'll have to consider preferences and dietary restrictions when choosing the appropriate snacks/drinks to bring. You must also ensure that the restaurants that you book will have enough space to accomodate everyone.

        Suppose this is too much for you to handle worries. You can quickly overcome this challenge by confirming that there are good restaurants close to the beach. Once you're sure that the dining caters to various tastes and offers children-friendly meals, you're good to go.


        There is this famous travel quote which everyone has probably seen by now: “Take only memories, leave only footprints”. The quote is attributed to a Native American chief, Chief Seattle, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. As much as we love visiting virgin beaches and spectacular waterfalls in remote locations, or even a very trendy resort, we should always be mindful of how we affect our surroundings. Leaving as little trace as possible of our time spent there and preserving these beautiful locations for generations to come is the best thing we can do when going somewhere new.


        It's one thing to plan for a beach trip, and it's another to start organizing early enough. Otherwise, you'll get caught up in a last-minute rush that puts you under unnecessary pressure and ruins everything. As such, you must make your travel, lodging, and reservation plans in advance if you want your schedule to go as expected. Again, prioritizing and gathering all necessary items for your trip early will give you more time to truly enjoy every part of the vacation experience.

        Furthermore, early planning is an essential part of your trip if you're on a strict budget.  This can allow you to leverage early bird discounts and promos.


        Kids are always a delight to vacation with, but they can also be a handful when not properly managed. That's especially if your children are full of life, curious, and never miss an opportunity to explore or try something new.  In that case, it's important to lay down clear rules and regulations before and during the holiday to reduce the chances of having a missing or injured child.

        So, set explicit guidelines on the distance your children may roam if you intend to let them play or explore on their own. Show them the boundaries by pointing out locations/landmarks and letting them know how frequently they must check in with you. Be clear about what places are off limits, and be sure never to let them play far away from your vigilant eyes.


        Are you truly on a beach vacation without beautiful swimwear to feel and look good in? We think not. Besides being the perfect attire for photo ops, the best swimsuits keep you comfortable on the beach and are easy to wear for dining at a nearby restaurant, transfering from beach to hotel or even a quick sightseeing moment in between.

        But more than just wearing swimwear, you can enjoy the full benefits of a luxurious experience by purchasing the best quality swimsuits or bikinis that will become your go-to items when packing for every vacation.

        wearing the Annie one shoulder bandeau top and high waist bikini bottoms in Powder pink  by Koraru


        We bet you didn't see this one coming, but how you leave your home when going on your beach holiday is essential.  Leaving on a trip only to start worrying whether your house is secure enough will spoil the fun. So, yes, prepare your home for your absence. It ensures that you enjoy your vacation to the fullest without concerns about the state of your house or apartment.

        Here are the essential tasks to complete before going on your vacation:

         Keep Your Home Clean

        Leaving your home dirty is a big NO-NO. That's because returning home to filth after a peaceful, relaxing holiday will shorten your joy. So, even if you don't have enough time to thoroughly clean, ensure that the house is tidy enough to return to.

         Clean Out the Refrigerator, Take Out the Trash

        Take a last look at your refrigerator and eliminate perishable items like veggies and milk. Also, empty the trash and ensure that you leave your home completely dirt free. When you leave the house clean, it will smell brand new when you get back.

         Take Fire Precautions

        Electronics throughout the house that won't need power while you're gone should be unplugged before you go. Besides reducing your risk of an electrical fire, it'll also help you save some money on energy bills. Examples of devices to unplug include routers, TVs, PCs, and chargers that aren't in use.

         Check Your Doors and Windows

        Remember that side door you don't use frequently but leave slightly open? That will likely be the first vulnerability a burglar will explore while trying to break into your home. So it's a good idea to inspect all potential entrance points to your property just before you depart. Verify that no rarely used windows or doors have been left a little open or unlocked.

         Have a Friend, Family Member, or Neighbour Check on Your Property

        After doing all that needs to be done to keep your home safe when you're done, ensure that you have someone checking in on your property from time to time. This is like a two-factor authentication to guarantee that someone is always available to take care of business during emergencies.

        Ensure that whoever is in charge of your home has your phone number to contact you when necessary. You may also want to give them a spare key to prevent lots of piled-up mail from making your home a target for burglars.


        That’s it. This is the last step. Once everything is planned and you reach your destination, remember to slow down and take in as many beautiful moments as you can. They will become much cherished memories. Take photos, journal about your time there and immerse yourself in experiencing as much as you can from the local culture.

        Sunsets in Gili Meno by Koraru


        Article written by Lydia Iseh - lifestyle contributor for Koraru
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