Growing up along the Black Sea coast, Oana Romaneiro has had an affinity to the ocean since childhood. After spending 15 years working in the fashion industry, she felt compelled to challenge its wasteful and environmentally damaging practises, by founding an initiative that would give back to our waters and marine life. All while creating beautifully-made, confidence-enhancing swimwear to be enjoyed on the beach and beyond. Kōraru was born. 

The founder, designer and mother shares her bucket-list destination and the essentials she doesn't travel without. 


What is your most-treasured travel memory?

Going to Kenya and flying over the Maasai Mara, seeing the animals from above and imagining what it must have been like before humans had such a big impact on animals’ lives. 


Favourite holiday spot? 

Any Island in Greece. I can always go back for the peaceful beaches, great food and welcoming people.


Bucket list destination? 

Brazil; I want to see the beaches and have a taste of the variety of fruits there that can’t be found anywhere else. I’d also like to see the Amazonian rainforest.


Beauty travel essential? 

I can’t go anywhere without lip balm as my lips get dry even in the most humid of climates. I also bring my own toothbrush, hand cream and face cream on flights, so I don’t use the ones given by the airline, and thus I create less waste. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the small things that create a habit and a mindset of thinking more sustainably. 


Favourite beach read? 

I’m always reading work-related books and I’ve tried bringing them with me on vacation, but it made me read less because I wanted to unplug. Now I keep it simple with a novel or a memoir. They make for a much more entertaining beach read. 


What's on your playlist? 

I like Pink Martini to put me in a 'traveling to somewhere exciting' kind of mood. They make me think of summer nights at a restaurant by the beach, where you can hear the waves and see the lights of the port and boats, and there’s a soft breeze in the air.


What do you never go away without? 

It used to be my computer, a book and my Fuji camera. Now it’s plenty of diapers and snacks for my son. And a change of clothes for everyone because…accidents happen.


Best travel tip? 

Always make sure your documents and wallet are safe, everything else is replaceable. If you’re going to bring entertainment with you like a book or magazine, keep it light; we all have hopes of being productive when we travel, but an easy-to-read book will make those long waiting hours fly by much faster. And always, always bring snacks. A hungry traveler is a cranky traveler. 


Where are you hoping to visit next? 

It’s been a while since I dared to think about that, but I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. The landscapes, the geothermal baths and the Northern Lights are things I’d love to see and experience. There’s also a lot of sustainable initiatives that I think we can all draw inspiration from on a personal and corporate level.


Which Kōraru swimsuit will we find in your suitcase? 

At least two or three of them at all times, wherever I go! I will always have with me a bikini set and a one-piece, depending on where I’m going, if I want to get a tan or just swim. I would wear the Rifu set for catching some sun, or the Chikyu if I need something comfortable that will transform from beach to daywear by just putting on a pair of trousers or a skirt. I’ve designed the pieces to be versatile so anyone can style them to suit their lifestyle.