If you're a woman, tapping into the divine feminine energy is like tapping into a super power.

It helps us to express our powerful and gentle selves at the same time. And when we strike that balance we're unstoppable. Participating in a women's circle is one of the few places in the world that we can harness that energy and grow from it. And where we can nourish, inspire and empower both ourselves and our sisterhood.


A women's circle is a unique space co-created by women for women to celebrate the divine feminine. It is a place where women gather to grow, evolve, learn, share, support and, above all, be themselves. A circle is a safe space where we can be vulnerable exposing our hidden selves without judgement, without expectation and without critique. A space to celebrate women in their authentic expression as the powerful and strong yet soft and gentle beings we are.

While women's circles are becoming popular today, their beginnings are rooted in ancient cultures worldwide. Women throughout history have gathered at certain times of the month depending on their culture or religion, sometimes with their menstruation, sometimes with a new or full moon. In this special space for women, they were free to explore their feminine energy, spirituality and sexuality. It was a safe space away from the prying eyes of men where women did not have to conform to the expectations or rules of men and society. A place where women could be themselves.

Today, women's circles are making a comeback. Many women are once again seeking out the company of other women in a sacred space. Gathering for the purpose of self-discovery, self-care, connection, community, healing, and support, women are finding their circles give so much more than what they imagined. What I love most about going to a women's circle is that I always feel nourished, inspired and empowered by the end.


Women's circles are all about the divine feminine energy, which is a mother energy. It's about sharing and listening, supporting and nurturing. It's about coming together and being present to whatever is arising. And as we journey together, a whole spectrum of emotions arises. But unlike in the rest of Western culture, those emotions are welcome, both the joys and the tears. And in that feminine space, there is no judgment. There is space and acceptance for all of me, my trauma, my baggage, my pain, my sadness, my sorrow and also my excitement, my joy, my peace, my contentment, my stillness, and my gratitude. I feel fully accepted.

In the circle, everyone holds a space for everyone else. And we support one another. We give compassion, acceptance and love. I feel part of a sisterhood. And as sisters we know how to nourish one another.



In circle, we share our lives, our journeys, our challenges, our blocks, our fears, our dreams, our creations, our desires, and most of all ourselves. And every time, I feel inspired by what the other women share.

I'm inspired by the courage, determination, persistence, tenacity and endurance of my sisterhood. I'm inspired by their talents, creations, achievements, ideas, opinions, and thoughts. I'm inspired by their stillness, confidence, outgoingness, playfulness and energy. I'm inspired by their ability to surrender. I'm inspired by their courage to be vulnerable, authentic and true. I'm inspired by their love, compassion and generosity.

I am reminded of what it means to be a woman. I am reminded of the greatness of the feminine energy. And I'm inspired to express that divine feminine energy, in my own unique way, going back out into the world.


Of course when you feel nourished and inspired its hard not to feel empowered but its not just that. There is something inherently empowering about women coming together as a community to celebrate our sisterhood. It's a celebration of each one of us. Whereas in everyday life, we are celebrated for what we show the world, in a women's circle we are celebrated for all aspects of ourselves; both what we project out into the world and what we hide from the world. Knowing that we are accepted, respected and appreciated, just as we are, with all our wounds and ugly bits, is empowering. We no longer need to be anything else but what we are, and that is empowering.

We're also reminded of our unique journey and its challenges. And the fact that only we can conquer what has been put on our plate. And only we can create what we are destined to create. And that we have the strength to grow and evolve from whatever life throws at us. We are empowered. Empowered to keep going, empowered to create, empowered to trust, empowered to tap into and express our divine feminine energy without apology.


While women's circles tend to attract women who are interested in spirituality, you don't have to be. An intention to connect with other women is all your really need. And because women's circles are co-created, they are all unique and different, so find one that's right for you.

If you can't find a local women's circle, you can always create your own. Don't be intimidated by the idea. I'm sure there will be women who are very grateful to you for taking the initiative. As women's circles are co-created spaces, you don't need to have any special skills other than your intention.

The women that gather will all bring something to the circle, and you can specifically ask people to help out, perhaps leading a meditation or a prayer. You can do it at a local yoga studio, community centre or even at your own house. You might want to choose dates that correspond with the lunar cycles, perhaps using the energy of a new moon or a full moon. Create an altar in the middle using things from the natural world like crystals, feathers, water and flowers.

Have a rough idea of how you would like the circle to unfold. Traditionally women's circles tend to start with opening the circle with a prayer or meditation and introductions. You can each light a tea light candle and place it on the altar. From there, you can get creative moving on to do activities like oracle cards, bodywork, chanting, dance, and intention setting. You can also decide as a group what themes you'd like to bring into future circles.


Whether you create your own circle or join a local women's circle, showing up as you are is what makes the circle magic. Trusting in the divine feminine energy and the co-created sacred space to hold, nurture, inspire and empower is what it's all about. Together, in a circle, we can tap into and reconnect with our strong, powerful, creative, intuitive and sensual selves and express the divine feminine energy that the world has been missing for so long.


Written by Kirsti Formoso - Wellness Writer for Koraru. Kirsti Formoso is a wellness writer and researcher. She is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing. She has over 30 years of experiential knowledge in personal and spiritual development, and a Masters of Science in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a peer reviewer for two scientific journals specialising in Transpersonal Psychology. When she’s not writing she can be found working on her vegetable plot, hiking in the mountains and breathing in all the wonders nature has to offer.