best sustainable maternity swimsuits
 Whether it’s your Babymoon, a weekend getaway, or you’re simply looking to update your summer swimwear collection for a well-deserved staycation, shopping for maternity swimwear can feel a little intimidating to say the least.

With so many colors, prints, cuts, and coverage options to choose from, how will you know what’s right for you, your growing bump, and all that you have planned for the summer? No need to panic. We have the answers to all of these questions and more just a quick scroll away so you can be sure you look and, most importantly, feel your most comfortable and confident self from months one through to nine.



As you’ve probably guessed, maternity swimwear simply refers to bikinis and one piece bathing suits that are specially designed with pregnancy in mind. Whilst they look pretty similar to your regular swimwear, these garments are often stretchier and more loose fitting in certain areas allowing plenty of room for your bump to grow and for you to stay covered and comfortable as it does.


As your baby bump begins to grow, you may be asking yourself which size maternity swimwear will fit you best. Should you simply opt for the size you’re wearing in all of your other clothes? Or, will you need to size up to accommodate your bump and avoid any poolside mishaps? The great thing about maternity swimwear is, it’s designed with your bump in mind. So, unlike regular, non-maternity clothing which won’t allow much in the way of growing space, these swimsuits incorporate specifically chosen fabrics and paneling for both comfort and longevity. So, simply reach for the size you’re wearing in all of your other pieces and you should be good to go.

That said, if you’d prefer a little more coverage during this time we absolutely get it. So, if you find that a size up offers just what you need (without becoming loose if/when you get into the water!) we recommend opting for that suit instead. Remember, whatever fits you best and makes you feel your most comfortable, confident self is most important.



Since there’s a fair amount more to consider when shopping for maternity swimwear over regular poolside looks, you’ll want to go in prepared with all the info you can before you make any online orders or hit the fitting rooms at your favorite store. But what exactly should you look out for and which styles will suit you best? Well, that all depends on two key things. Your personal style, and how far along you are in your pregnancy. Having a general idea of the cuts, colors, and styles you like alongside knowing the stage of pregnancy you’ll be in when slipping into your swimsuit is always a good idea. In case you’re struggling (don’t worry you’re certainly not alone!) we have a few suggestions for what to look out for no matter how far along you are.


This adorable detail will not only make your maternity swimwear look better, it’ll actually help it feel better too! How? By giving more flexibility and movement to certain areas on your chosen bikini or one-piece, ruched detailing will allow you to move more freely. Your swimwear, therefore, flexes with you and your body without budging completely out of place. 


As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, so will your maternity swimsuit needs. So, what fits and feels great in your first trimester may need a little adjustment in your third. Make sure your chosen suit has adjustable straps so you can easily alter your sizing and wear your favorite swimwear styles throughout.


When it comes to finding the ultimate maternity bathing suit, structured bra cups are often a good idea. Whilst you might want to steer clear of underwired styles that can be uncomfortable and may eventually dig into your bump, stretchy, adjustable tops that offer coverage and support will be your best friend in both comfort and style.


If high-waisted bottoms are all you want to wear right now we totally get it - we even have some recommendations coming up. That said, if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to your side tie bikini bottoms just yet, that could certainly work in your favor. Much like adjustable straps on your top, bikini bottoms that fasten at the sides can be easily adjusted to fit you perfectly as your bump grows.


Now when we say sustainable, we mean it in every sense of the word. Sustainable, regenerated fabrics are not only better for the environment, they’re also better for you and your maternity swimwear styles. Firstly, sustainable fabrics are made with great care using high-quality materials so they’re extremely durable and built to last. They’re also super soft so offer much greater comfort than most other swimsuit fabrics.


Whilst it’s always good to have an idea of which styles might suit each trimester best, this time looks very different for all of us, and that goes for our bumps too! So, use this as a guide but take each suggestion with a pinch of salt and remember - whatever works best for you and your growing little one is always the best option! So, now that we have an idea of which details to look for when shopping for maternity swimwear, let’s dive into which bikinis and one piece bathing suits might serve us best from week one to month nine!


Very early on in your pregnancy, you may find there are little to no alterations needed in terms of your beachwear, bikinis, and one piece bathing suits. Right now, adjustable styles, like the Rifu triangle top and matching Rifu side tie bottoms will keep you cool and comfortable. The self-tie fastenings will also allow for any adjustments you might need as you head toward your second trimester. Alternatively, for a little extra support and coverage as you approach the twelve-week mark, opt for the Hedy triangle top or Annie one shoulder bandeau top. Both of these tops have their own matching bottoms but can be mixed/matched with the Rifu bottoms if you’re still wanting the option for adjustment.


The second and third trimesters are generally where we like to slow down a little more and opt for extra comfort and more coverage. With this in mind, we highly recommend investing in sustainable swimwear that will see you through the rest of your pregnancy journey. For this, a full coverage one piece swimsuit is always a good option. Versatile, stylish, and comfortable you can wear yours for everything from dips in the pool to leisurely strolls on the sand. Additionally, supportive bikini tops with full coverage bikini bottoms are ideal too. Look out for cuts and colorways you’ll be comfortable in for the next six months whether you're wearing yours for swimming or styling it with palazzo pants or your favorite swimsuit cover ups. 


Much like the second trimester, this is where you truly want to opt for high comfort. Supportive tops and bottoms, and soft, flexible fabrics are a must. However, that doesn’t mean that style is out the window. Our top recommendation? Choose classic swimwear styles like a high-waisted black bikini or a red one piece swimsuit with full coverage. You’ll feel utterly comfortable, as you should at every stage, you’ll also look and feel timelessly stylish right through to your due date!

Written by Sophie Mara - Fashion & Lifestyle Writer for Koraru
Sophie is a fashion and lifestyle writer based in the eco-friendly city of Brighton, England. She has years of experience writing for a number of online fashion and lifestyle publications about personal styling, fashion & lifestyle, Fashion Week coverage, beauty and more. On rare occasions when she's not writing, Sophie can be found with her head in a good book or catching up on her favourite interior design series