Hedy triangle bikini top and mid rise bottoms in coral print from Koraru sustainable swimwear brand

A great swimsuit deserves an inspiring name. For our Coral Collection we wanted to honour four empowering women from history who have blazed a trail and continue to influence how we live today. Meet Hedy.



One of Hollywood’s most beautiful Golden Era leading ladies, Hedy Lamarr is a bona fide movie icon – but there was a lot more to her than star status. Born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in 1914 Vienna, an early talent for acting saw her become a well-known actor in European cinema. In 1931 she starred in the scandalous film ‘Ecstasy’, which was condemned by the Pope for depicting a female orgasm. After fleeing to France to escape an abusive marriage, Hedy traveled to Hollywood where she was signed to MGM Studios and featured in some of the biggest films of the mid century. However, rather than courting fame, she spent time sketching inventions – something that had been a passion since childhood. Her most significant was a frequency hopping wireless technology which prevented torpedo radio waves from being intercepted. Although the technology was initially overlooked by the U.S. Navy, it went on to become the basis for WiFi and is still used today in GPS and mobile phones. Hedy eventually received due credit and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of fame in 2014. 



This seamless two-piece is so light and comfortable, you'll hardly notice you're wearing it. The classic sporty shape allows maximum movement and has been designed to be pulled on for ultimate ease. No fastenings means it has a second-skin fit and gives a clean-cut silhouette under clothing. The mid-rise briefs have an open cut to create an elongated leg line. 


The Hedy is where style and function collide. Reach for this practical two-piece for action packed ocean adventures, or for effortless tanning on the beach. Layer

Hedy Classic Triangle Top In Coral Print | Kōraru

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