woman standing in the sea wearing Koraru swimwear luxury brand slow fashion

How would you describe your style?

Comfortably chic, simple but fun. I love to top off a look with a pop of color.

What are some of your beach essentials?

Esthederm sun cream, Orpheus face mist, sunglasses, Marsea sandals, an oversized shirt, and a hat + a good book.

What do you look for in a timeless swimsuit?

Comfort is #1. No matter how great a swimsuit makes me look or feel, I won’t wear it if it’s not comfortable. My next biggest priority is quality. Nobody wants to invest in a piece that doesn’t last or the quality changes after its first wash. Material-wise, I tend to avoid pieces with sequins unless it’s borrowed or second hand. Lastly, I love versatile swimwear that can be worn and styled in many different ways.

What is your favourite feature of your Koraru bathing suit?

I love the Zabel black one piece swimsuit that doubles as a bodysuit!

How would you style your Koraru swimsuit?

With a pareo or oversized shirt if I was by the sea. I also love to pair a bodysuit with jeans when I’m in the city, which this would be perfect for.

Where would you wear your Koraru swimsuit?

Anywhere! It’s super versatile, so it works as a casual coastal look or it can be dressed up for a day/night out and about.

What are your favourite sustainable shopping tips?

I try to ask myself certain questions before I buy, such as, “Do I really need this?” “Do I already own something similar?” and if not, then, “Do I own pieces in my closet that I can pair with this?” I don’t feel like I am shopping smart if I buy something that requires me to buy additional pieces to complete the look. Another key to smart shopping is to read labels and ask questions–know the product before you purchase it. Finally, I love the concept of the 30 Wear Rule: ask yourself, “Will I wear this at least 30 times?” If not, then it might be a better option to hold off purchasing and rent or borrow from a friend instead.

One thing you wish the fashion industry should improve in terms of sustainability?

A greater move toward circularity, especially with managing products at the end of their life cycles. I’d like to see a bigger push toward more circular packaging, too.

Your favourite summer holiday destination?


photo by David Monje


Do you have 3 local tips/spots for those visiting Cadaqués?

Set, Talla, and Can Tito.

Describe an ideal vacation day from morning to evening.

A sunny day by the sea in the company of my friends. Distraction free–no phone or computer–able to fully immerse myself in the scenery and enjoy the company of the people I am with. I’d go swimming, eat well, explore town, and then sleep peacefully the way you do after a long day in the sun.

What do you never travel without?

Comfy shoes!

What does the ocean mean to you?

It’s the place where I’m at peace. I’ve lived near the ocean all my life, and I’m even named after it. It’s a place I can always return to when I need to center myself, pause, or reflect.